Top 5 ACC NFL Prospects


The 2021 NFL draft is on the horizon. The ACC is always a breeding ground for NFL talent. These players have shown on tape that they set themselves apart, Scouting Combine or not.

Clemson Quarterback- Trevor Lawrence
There is no doubt Trevor Lawrence is the best overall prospect in the 2021 draft. Lawrence is the prototypical QB. He stands at 6-6, 220-pound, and has a rocket arm. His passing IQ is better than some current NFL starters. He proved in the last two seasons that he has the speed for his size. An underrated aspect of his game is his ability to avoid the rush and sacks. Lawrence is deadly as a pocket passer when given time. He has pocket presence and doesn’t panic when the first or second read is covered. The QB reads through his progressions and has one of the best deep balls in recent memory. On the run, he keeps his eyes down the field, seeking to make a play.

Virginia Tech Cornerback- Caleb Farley
Farley improved as much as any ACC player last season. He opted out of the 2020 season, but he had 12 passes defended and four interceptions last season. Farley played quarterback in high school and began his college career as a wide receiver. Coming into 2019, Farley transitioned to a DB. His background in QB and WR play made his football IQ above the norm at his new position. Farley has game-changing ball skills and can break down schemes from the position. His size, length, quickness, fluidity, athleticism, and exceptional man coverage skills make him an exciting NFL prospect.

Miami (FL) Defensive End- Gregory Rousseau
Rousseau sat out the season due to COVID-19 concerns. He recorded 54 total tackles, 19.5 tackles for loss, 15.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, a fumble recovery, and a pass defended during the 2019 season. Despite his limited experience, his talent explodes on tape. His pass-rushing skills are above average. He can use speed to beat slower offensive tackles. Rousseau can set the edge and attack plays from behind. He’ll need to put on weight to improve his bull rush and run game stoppage.

Clemson Running Back- Travis Etienne
Etienne surprised the ACC by returning to Clemson, and that has the Tigers jumping for joy. Etienne is in the rare group that holds significant value as a do-everything running back. He can block, run between the tackles, attack the edge, and can catch out of the backfield. Etienne’s elusiveness is almost hard to believe and his best attribute. Etienne broke 90 tackles on 207 carries which led to gains for an already explosive Clemson offense.

Marvin Wilson Defensive Tackle- Florida State
At 6’5”, 311 pounds, and top-tier athleticism, Wilson is everything you look for in a front-line DT to hold down the line. He could have been a first-round pick this last year but opted for another season with the Seminoles. Even in a star-studded 2021 draft class, Wilson very well could end up as a first-round pick. Part of what sets him apart as a defensive lineman is his quickness, great first step, and consistent ability to make plays in the offensive backfield.

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