Broadcasting of the Future

Image courtesy of the Associated Press
Image courtesy of the Associated Press

Podcasting is the broadcasting platform of the future.  “Broa[pod]casting” is broadcasting for the people.  In that sense, we are living in the golden age of entertainment, media, and sports podcasting distribution where access is immediate and inexpensive.    


This is where content is becoming specialized to the point where a consumer can listen or watch to anything they want.  Podcasting platforms like Spotify are the combination of blockchain technology and sharing through crowdsourcing.  With that technology and sharing of information consumers are able to find content they might not normally find.  The same is true of music on Spotify and Pandora, where likes and listens turn into stations through big data and analytics. 


Anyone can podcast and anyone can listen to a podcast.  Podcasting really is for everyone and is like having your own television show (or radio show).  The test of quality is always personal to the consumer, while business measurements of goodness (at least monetarily) come from followers, listeners, and viewers.  Networks and distribution platforms will pay creatives for their content if the aforementioned is large enough.  The beauty of podcasting is that you do not need a large audience to broadcast, which was the traditional model.  Traditionally, one needed an audience to have your message distributed. 


Podcasting is the combination of social media distribution and an individualized broadcast network.  The ability to share podcasts on multiple platforms allows for increased distribution.  Distribution for podcasting is therefore personalized and available.  Most podcasts are also free to download and consume.  Advertisements mostly pays for the free podcast content.


Companies like Nike, Amazon and sports teams are taking the individualized approach, where distribution is broad, but specific to channels so content (and merchandise) is easy to find (or organize).  The channel approach also controls cost and allows revenue to stay with the distributor and brand.  Podcasting works in a similar manner where content is organized into categories or channels (like sports podcasts) making it easier to listen to content similar to your likes and listens.

Broa[pod]casting is indeed here now and so is the future. 

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