How Entertainment and Sports Can Heal America

Abraham Lincoln, by Jean Louis Gerome, 1908
President Abraham Lincoln Giving a Speech, by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris, 1908 (A gentle reminder to look up, not down, when seeking wisdom and guidance)

A trying time indeed that the world and America finds itself.  It is the dichotomy of two extremes.  Stay-at-home, curfews, public protest, and destruction.  However, entertainment and sports in America have always been the great equalizer and peace-keeping force. 

Some major sports leagues have restarted.  Others have set dates, schedules, and tournaments.  While others are finetuning their plans for a hopeful restart. 

Some theaters have reopened.  Streamers have continued to push content.  New streamers have launched.  Production was halted, but is now beginning to see the light in many states, cities, and countries.  A welcome return of jobs and action.  Something to keep America moving forward. 

Truth be told, the world and Americans need entertainment and sports as a unifier.  Entertainment to encourage dialogue, social connection, love, respect, and understanding.   Live sports to do much of the same with added cheers and excitement for something that brings people together including friendly banter. 

Entertainment and sports are beautiful that way.  It is why this author fell in love with the industry and why many Americans and world citizens have as well.  Entertainment and sports can provide hope, make us dream bigger, and show us a path in courage to change. 

Entertainment and sports can be the great edifier as well.  Showing where things went wrong, what is to be learned, and applied.  Indeed, the lessons of industry can be principles in life. 

Three principles come mind that can be applied universally to entertainment and sports success as to leading a meaningful life. 

1. Fairness in Competition

Life is never always fair, but the rules should define fairness to competition.  When one enters the ring, there are expectations and guarantees to fairness in the competition.  Anytime fairness loses its guarantee, doubt creeps in.  Strength in fairness and application are foundational. 

2. Equality in Justice

While competing, the expectation is that you will be judged equally compared to the field based on the rules and fairness in competition.  Equal justice under the law must be applied vigorously and consistently.  Its defenders are many. 

3. Triumph in Understanding

True understanding is not complacency, apathy, or lack of discernment.  Understanding comes from love, self-respect, and respect for others.  It takes out the “i” and replaces it with the “w” in we. 

Everyone takes a part in sustaining a more perfect union.  Everyone contributes differently with their God-given gifts.  In short order, the hope is that love, with help from entertainment and sports, will bring people together in our constant drive of obtaining excellence while seeking perfection.   

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