The Big Fundamental: Spurs Hire Tim Duncan

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The “Big Fundamental: is now the Big Coach. Tim Duncan, the greatest Spur of all time and one of the best power forwards, now roams courtside your favorite NBA teams after accepting a position to become an assistant coach under Gregg Popovich.

Duncan spent 19 years of his career in San Antonio. Paired with David Robison of storied “Twin Towers” fame, he was selected as first overall pick in the 1997 NBA draft. Duncan finished his career in 2016 having led the franchise to 19 berths and five championships.

As part of a soon-to-be-Hall of Fame resume, he excelled as a basketball player, being selected to 15, All-Star games and two MVPs

“It is only fitting, that after I served loyally for 19 years as Tim Duncan’s assistant, that he returns the favor,” joked Popovich.

Taking the Spurs by the reigns

As coach, Duncan will help younger players learn from one of the greatest players of all time. The Spurs’ young power forwards; Jacob Poetl, Trey Lyles and Luka Samanic, will do well to take notes. Additionally, it was reported Manu Ginobili was also presented with an assistant coaching position.

His basketball IQ and experience with Popovich should form a perfect fit for the Spurs’ coaching staff. Rumor has it they might even reach out to Tony Parker to create a Spurs Big Three reunion.

The Spurs’ coaching and front office have had more movements than free agency. R.C. Buford stepped down as general manager to become CEO. Buford served as the general manager of the Spurs since 2002 and lead the Spurs to four titles.

He also won the NBA’s Executive of the Year Award in 2014 and 2016. Bringing Duncan back brings a familiar face to the team everyone can be comfortable with.

But, can Tim Duncan coach today’s young stars along with the vets he played with? With the NBA regular just months away, this NBA offseason is one for the history books.

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