Edge of Extinction: Who’ll be the first to go in 2019 NFL QB class?

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The 2019 NFL quarterback class hasn’t generated the buzz of last year’s prospects at the position. However, there are plenty of franchise quarterback candidates and future starters in the group.

Even so, no NFL draft is an exact science, meaning these quarterbacks can prove doubters wrong. Of course, the right team must select the correct signal caller, plus have a system in place to succeed. In today’s NFL, most first QBs play right away instead of waiting and learning the position. With this in mind, SportsRadioAmerica.com examines three of the top quarterback prospects this year.

Kyler Murray

Despite his size, Murray has dynamic arm strength. He’s an extremely explosive quarterback athlete who makes up for his lacks of ideal height with high football IQ. He flashes the touch to make all NFL throws and has the “wow” power to penetrate deep down the field. In his college offense, the majority of his decisions were made pre-snap.

When Murray resorts to scrambling around, he’s at his best. He needs to work on his progression reads on a consistent basis, as he’s quick to scramble. He’s an electric runner, but NFL defenses will adapt. Overall, Murray has the tools to be an NFL starter, but I have concerns about his durability. As Baker Mayfield and Russell Wilson have shown, shorter QBs can succeed in the NFL. 

Dwayne Haskins

Haskins is the most pure pocket passer in this year’s draft. He has outstanding arm strength, poise and production. He can drive the football into tight widows and has a beautiful touch on his deep ball. Haskins has a tendency to get a little aggressive at times and throw into coverage he shouldn’t.

His biggest issue arises when he’s forced to move off his spot in the pocket. Throwing on the run, his accuracy is average. He’s used sparingly on designed QB runs. Overall, Haskins has the necessary tools to win games from the pocket and must learn to use his legs to escape pressure, lest he become a standing target.

Drew Lock

Standing at 6’4” and 225 lbs., Lock has the size and ability the NFL dreams of. He owns a quick release on his throws. He’s tremendous at placing the ball between coverage of a corner and safety versus. He also has one of the best pump fakes in this year’s draft class.

Lock gets sloppy with his footwork at times, which causes him to throw balls high over receiver’s heads. He’s very aggressive, which leads to explosive plays, but frequent turnovers. You’ll have to take the good with the bad with Lock. While his footwork may be sloppy, he’s nimble enough in the pocket to escape pressure there. He’s an excellent athlete. Overall, Lock needs to polish his footwork and tone down turnovers, but he has a special skill set and tremendous upside to lead a team.

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