Brown Going Down: Steelers’ game kiss of death for Browns’ coaches

USA TODAY - Jackson and Mayfield

Just like the last six.

On Monday, the Browns parted ways with Hue Jackson. Jackson had been head coach since 2016 and boasted  a 3 – 36 record. It comes as no shock, though, because this is the sixth, straight Cleveland Browns coach who’s been let go after the second game of the season against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With a record of 2-5-1, Cleveland has been more competitive this year,  but not competitive enough for the Browns’ brass. It’s reported owner Jimmy Haslam wanted to cut bait with offensive coordinator Todd Haley which would have saved Jackson’s job for now, but GM John Dorsey wanted to move on. In the end, they both got their wish as Todd Haley has also been fired. However, Jackson was under contract until 2019, so the Browns owe him through the 2019 season.

It seems like a never-ending cycle for the Browns. Annually, it seems, they either have a new quarterback or new coach. There’s no stability in the organization and that makes it very, very risky for free agents to sign with them. Jarvis Landry took a leap of faith and signed on, but that’s really the only big free agent they’ve landed in a while. Their only other big FA acquisition, Carlos Hyde, was surprisingly traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars last week.

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It’s time for the Browns to stick with someone for four years at the quarterback and head coach positions. They have their man in Baker Mayfield, so they need to go out and get a head coach and stick with those two for at least four years. The constant change in the organization is becoming laughable. What QB will the Browns ruin next? How long until the head coach is fired? The Browns are a running joke in the NFL.

The season is over for them already, so now it’s time to look to the draft. They appear to have hit on Baker and fellow first round pick Denzel Ward. The trade of Hyde appears they’re  clearing the path for Nick Chubb, so now it’s time to get another weapon and shore up the line. They need a big time wide receiver. Landry is a good possession receiver, but he’s not the guy to go to when you need a big play.

Baker is the quarterback of the future, so protect him. I say draft a OL in the first round. The Browns have Chubb, so draft a back who complements him. Duke Johnson is obviously not going to get that done, so they should part ways with him, too. They have a young defense led by Ward and Garrett. A linebacker would fit in nicely, improving an already stout defense.

Yes, it’s time for stability in Cleveland; even if that means being down for a while.

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