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The Business of Force Majeure

During difficult times, people and businesses often look for ways to cut costs and save money.  Others look for ways, sometimes simultaneously, to fill...
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Theatrical Windows Opening Opportunities

Change is a constant in life and business.  Adaptation is the key to success in business.  The entertainment, media, and sports industries and businesses...

Tech, Data, and You

Data and analytics pervades nearly aspect of our lives, especially in sports and media and more often now in entertainment.  The NHL now has smart pucks that...

Why is Endeavor Going Public?

Endeavor, otherwise known as WME (William Morris Endeavor), Endeavor Content, and the owners of Miss Universe and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), is pursuing...
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What are the Limits to Content Consumption?

As production in Hollywood begins to ramp up with America and California seeing the backside of a down year in 2020, studios have to...
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Platforms as the Distributor of Choice

The world is in a time where controlling content and distribution is essential to success and having your message heard.  Social media is one...
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NFTs: The Digital Original of Things

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) hit the market with a craze.  The National Basketball Association (NBA) Top Shot is credited with starting some of the craze...

Houston, we’ve had a problem

The post-production of the Houston Astros cheating scandal has in some sense created more if not equal news to the scandal itself.  Years from...
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NIL: State or Federal Law?

There is an intense debate occurring in Congress and in state legislatures across the country surrounding name, image, and likeness (NIL) for college athletes. ...

Why are Streamers Limiting How We Consume Content?

Showtime releases many of its shows on its platform once per week.  Amazon releases its originals once per week, while it licensed television content is released...